Full Registration

Psychologists who are fully registered may practice independently.

Section 10 of the Psychologists Act 2005 Act states a person may apply for registration under this Act where he or she
             (a)  holds a doctoral degree or a masters degree in a program of study in psychology from an educational institution satisfactory to the board;
             (b)  meets to the boards satisfaction the required competencies as specified in “Guidelines for Evaluation of Applicants for Registration as a Psychologist” or a successor document adopted by the board;
             (c)  has obtained professional liability coverage in a form and amount satisfactory to the board;
             (d)  has paid the registration fee set by the board;
             (e)  submits an application in the form prescribed by the board; and
             (f)  satisfies other requirements prescribed in the regulations.

   10.1 (1) The board may grant full registration to a person where the person
             (a)  meets the requirements in section 10;
             (b)  completes to the boards satisfaction the examination prescribed by the board; and
             (c)  has
                      (i)  where he or she holds a doctoral degree, at least one year of professional experience, or
                     (ii)  where he or she holds a masters degree, at least 2 years of professional experience
in the field of psychology satisfactory to the board that was obtained after the degree and was supervised to the satisfaction of the board.