Information Concerning Non-accredited Degrees

Distance Learning programs.

Persons currently taking, or considering taking, degrees completed in a distance learning or online format are urged to contact the Board prior to enrolment in these programs and are further urged to review the Guidelines for Acceptable Graduate Degrees carefully. 

Some of these programs are delivered completely by distance while others require some period of residence but are primarily distance in nature. While there is no proscription from education attained in distance settings, all interested persons should be aware that a number of these programs are housed in institutions that are not accredited. This means, for example, that these programs might not lead to registration even in their home jurisdictions.

If you are considering taking a program delivered in a distance education or online format, it is very important that you research the accreditation status of the university and the potential register-ability of graduates. In this regard, the Board welcomes correspondence in advance of admission to degree programs and will provide advice as to whether a particular program may potentially lead to registration.


Non-accredited Degrees

Applicants considering enrolling in graduate training which is not accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association or the American Psychological Association are urged to review both the Guidelines for Acceptable Graduate Degrees document and the Guidelines for the Evaluation of Applicants document to obtain information on what is necessary to meet registration standards and criteria.