Provisional Registration

The NLPB may register a person on a provisional basis after being reasonably satisfied that the person has met the requirements for registration as stated on Section 11 of Psychologists Act (2005). Provisional registration may be subject to the terms, conditions and limitations that may be set out by NLPB, including those respecting professional supervision and the specific location for which the registration is valid.

Provisional registration is contingent upon an approved application for registration, proof of professional liability insurance, submission of Supervision Plan A and paid registration fee. Provisional registration is valid until December 31, unless a shorter period is provided for by the board and the board may, on application, renew a provisional registration.

Provisionally registered psychologists may practice only under the supervision of a fully registered psychologist. Provisional status is indicated on the certificate of registration and it is the responsibility of the provisionally registered psychologist to indicate his or her status to the public and to clients at all times.

The examination currently required by the Board to attain Full Registration is the Examination for the Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP) and the board currently requires a score of 500.  Provisional Registrants should be aware that it is anticipated that the EPPP, which now is a knowledge based exam, will be adding measures of competency in January of 2020.  For further information on the EPPP2, you are urged to review the ASPPB website (

Notwithstanding Section 31 of Psychologists Act 2005, a person provisionally registered may, subject to the terms, conditions and limitations set by the board under subsection (2), use the designation “psychologist”.

To attain full registration, provisionally registered Psychologists must meet the requirements set for them when their registration is approved.